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Bespoke wedding or D-Day coordination



Bespoke wedding

Have you taken the big step and decide to say YES? Congratulations!

We know that planning your special day can be overwhelming. But do not worry, we are here to unload the responsibilities off of your shoulders and into our experienced ones.

We will start by getting to know you both, your vision and expectations. Throughout the following months we will bring it all together and transform your unique vision to reality: set up the perfect place and decoration for your festivities, choose the best providers and work with all involved parties to ensure you have the perfect day.

We will put together a detailed schedule for the day so that it all goes according to plan. From timing every service from your providers to the speeches and your guests’ surprises.

From CHF 5’500.-

D-Day coordination

All is set and the hours spent planning are coming to fruition… but how could you make sure to be present with your guests and fully enjoy your day? Leave the on site coordination to us!

We will ensure that everything runs smoothly by meeting a month before your wedding day and have a detailed plan in place, working hand in hand with you until the very last dance.

During the big day, we will brief your providers, set up the decoration and be present throughout the day to assist with any small unforeseen events.


From CHF 1’300.-